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"Serving the plus size community with dignity"

I know it’s cliché for a bride to say that my wedding day was the best day of my life— but I officiate, sing, and do floral arrangements for weddings— and I’m hard pressed to find a day filled with more unfettered joy than this. Ben and I were surrounded by as many friends and family as we could fit in the venue, there was so much love in that room— everyone was there to celebrate, and just as ready to PARTY! Our big day was rainy, but it made the ceremony cozy and intimate, and the pictures even more stunning. We added so many personal touches in our event that made it absolutely perfect. I cannot say enough about how perfect my dress was, and neither could my guests. I could hear people gasping as I walked down the aisle! I have never felt so beautiful. And I will get to wear it again—I’m having it modified to wear when I emcee a local Faerie Festival. The kids will definitely know who is the Faerie Queen! Thank you so much to Brides of Today for serving the plus size community with dignity, and Pam for making the trying on dresses a fun experience. I cannot recommend them enough. I didn’t even bother going anywhere else for my dress, and I’m so glad!

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